Yoga: Unconventional but Effective for Depression


The loss of energy and motivation associated with depression can be a major obstacle to successful treatment. They can become even more of an issue when the person seeking treatment fails to see an improvement in his or her condition.

For some people, the standard drug treatment recommended by a mental health specialist may not feel like enough. It isn’t always clear why a person has depression; the source could be an issue in the brain, or it could be something in his or her environment.

Without knowing with certainty what the cause of someone’s depression is, it can be difficult to find an appropriate and effective treatment. Not everyone will respond to a treatment in the same manner.

For one blog writer, the traditional treatment of drug therapy and psychotherapy was just not enough. She felt frustrated and discouraged by the lack of results she was seeing.

Fortunately, the writer was able to find something that made a difference in her struggle with depression. Unlike the methods she had been advised to try in the past, yoga made her feel noticeably calmer and happier.

If you want to know what yoga poses the writer recommends and you’re curious about how yoga can be beneficial to your mental health, follow the link below.

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