Why Do Some People Stop Taking Depression Medication?


People with major depression often find that a combination of therapy and medication is the most effective treatment. Severe, untreated depression can put people at a higher suicide risk and can sometimes lead to violence toward others.

A policy from 2006 known as “Part D” may be to blame for a lapse in medication compliance for people with Medicare. The policy leaves the patient liable for the full cost of medication after reaching a certain limit. This leads many people to simply stop taking their pills in order to avoid having to pay thousands of dollars until their coverage begins again.

For people with Medicare who have a serious illness, the Part D gap is especially troubling. A study shows that a significant portion of people with major depression, diabetes, and heart problems forgo their medication after reaching the coverage limit. All of these disorders can be fatal, so going without medication is especially unsafe for the Medicare patients who have them.

Follow the link below to find out more about the changes being planned for Part D and how they will affect depressed policyholders.

Some patients stop taking depression drugs during Medicare coverage gap – American Medical News


Some patients stop taking depression drugs during Medicare coverage gapAmerican Medical NewsA study finds modest reductions in antidepressant use for Medicare patients who hit the Part D.and moreᅠ» …

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