Why Do People with Major Depression Consider Suicide?


Major depressive disorder (also called “MDD” or “major depression”) is a very serious and persistent mental health illness. It is basically a deeper form of depression that lasts longer than regular depression and is notoriously difficult to treat. A number of people who have major depression do not respond to the usual treatments (standard antidepressants, mood stabilizers, talk therapy, etc.).

This lack of effectiveness of typical treatments as well as the side effects of drug therapy can be very discouraging to people with MDD, who may not feel emotionally stable enough to seek out help for their condition in the first place.

Unfortunately, having MDD can also increase a person’s risk of contemplating suicide or actually committing the act.

A new study examines the most common causes of suicidal behaviors in depressed people. It was found that certain factors make people with MDD more likely to consider suicide. Being unmarried and having generalized anxiety disorder or agoraphobia with major depression were some of the factors that were shown to put someone at a higher risk for thinking of suicide.

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