Walking Barefoot is a Natural Stress Reliever


Ever considered taking a long walk barefoot? I bet not. Even if the idea did spring to your head once, you would have quickly disposed it off considering the amount of time it takes these days to get to the nearest park. Of course, you can’t walk barefoot on a concrete floor. As countrysides turn into cities and cities into populated commercial hubs, the green belts are slowly vanishing. At least, that’s the story in this part of the world where I come from. We are all earthly beings, right? We come from matter and specifically earth. So isn’t it natural that when our bodies get connected to their origin, they feel a sense of happiness and in the process relieve stress and anxiety off our minds.

Stress is a psychological condition linked straight to our brain and nervous system. More than medication and clinical help, it needs natural healing. That healing comes from alternate therapies such as meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and so on. However, all of these come at a cost and admittedly, money is an important factor for some. However, walking barefoot on sand and grass demands only motivation and will. Absolutely nothing else!

We don’t need any statistics or numbers to prove the magical effects of walking on our general well-being. It keeps our heart healthy, helps in weight lose, and more importantly, allows us to silently introspect. Do this walk barefoot and you would add a ton of other therapeutic benefits to the ones mentioned above. Several studies have revealed that walking barefoot on grass can actually reduce anxiety and stress by as much as 60% and also release feel-good endorphins when done regularly. Lets look at some of the other positives of barefoot walking:

1. Natural massage for your feet: When we walk barefoot, our foot muscles do not have a cushion (as is the case when we are wearing shoes) to rely on. So they need to work harder which in turn acts as a natural massage. Needless to say, it strengthens the foot muscles, knees, and lower back. It also corrects the standing posture and maintains it as well. Finally, there are different points on the bottom of our feet that are linked to various parts of our system. It is believed that walking barefoot stimulates them and promotes overall health and wellness.

2. Relaxes the mind (and body): When we walk barefoot, our thought process becomes more focussed on the path we are treading. Consciously, we try to steer clear of stones or thorns so as not to harm ourselves. When that happens, all negative thoughts vanish and we are able to focus solely on walking.

3. Cools and revitalizes the body: Walking barefoot in the morning grass can actually be a bliss. The natural cold wetness on the grass cools our bodies and revitalize us for the day ahead. Although, not scientifically proven yet, ancient beliefs also say that walking on the morning grass can actually cure insomnia. However, there is no scientific date to prove this so far.

So if you have never tried a barefoot walk, now you have several good reasons to do so. Get rid of those shoes and get going on the walking trail. You will not only see your stress and anxiety vanish away but also feel more relaxed and energized to face the challenges of day-to-day life.

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