Video on Relieving Anxiety, Depression without Drugs


There are numerous treatment options available for people who suffer from high anxiety and/or depression. Some people may feel uncertain about which method will work best for their particular way of life.

One doctor advises people who have an anxiety disorder or depression to first consider the possibility of a dietary deficiency. According to Dr. Trudeau, there are plenty of people who aren’t getting the necessary vitamins and minerals in their daily diet. Over time, this can harm the body and lead to an eventual decline in mood. The negative mood that often results from an inadequate diet can be persistent, sometimes leading to long-term depression and anxiety problems.

Watch this video from Dr. Trudeau in which she explains how changing your eating habits and adding certain vitamins to your diet can improve your mood.

Natural depression, anxiety relief.

Tips for natural ways to help depression and anxiety located in Chesapeake, Virginia. For more information and videos, see Dr. Julia Trudeau, Dr. James Trudeau

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