Using Technology to Combat Panic Attacks


A panic attack is a sudden physical disturbance that occurs when someone feels an overwhelming amount of anxiety. The affected person will usually feel ill, tremble, and have difficulty breathing normally. He or she may think the attack is actually heart trouble.

A panic attack can happen in a number of different situations. Sometimes caffeine or nicotine can bring about a panic attack. Other times, the attack may happen when someone is faced with a highly stressful or life-threatening situation.

Some people who have panic attacks seem to get them for no reason and with very little warning. This can make everyday life a lot more difficult, as the fear of having another attack can lead to a less active and productive lifestyle.

One writer finds that he can use technology to reduce his feelings of anxiety that can lead to panic attacks. By simply using his smartphone’s applications or sending a message to a close friend when he’s feeling poorly, he can calm himself down. Having something to distract himself quickly and effectively from his panic enables him to relax and forget about his momentary upset.

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