Using Lucid Dreaming for Better Sleep


A report from Yahoo! Health proposes that actively trying to control your dreams may reduce feelings of depression. “Lucid dreaming,” as it’s termed, is supposed to help you sleep better and have less nightmares.

The link between depression and dreaming has been noted in various studies and articles. A site on clinical depression gives the scientific explanation behind the increased amount of time depressed people spend dreaming. Depression medication is known to affect dreaming, so there may be some truth behind the theory of lucid dreaming and depression relief.

To find out how you can control your dreams and potentially improve your mood, follow the link below.

For the best sleep, scientists say ‘control your dreams’ – WTOP

For the best sleep, scientists say ‘control your dreams’WTOPFolks who remember their dreams can heal faster from depression and better diffuse negative emotions. …

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