Using Art Therapy to Treat Anxiety Disorders


Art therapy is a creative, low-stress method for treating mental health problems such as anxiety. It is a popular form of treatment for children and teenagers, who may not always express themselves in the same way adults do.

Art therapy can be fun for people who want to try a different approach to therapy. The therapist involved will often be trained in some form of art as well as in psychology. He or she encourages the person being treated to express emotion freely and without restraint. Art is a safe and enjoyable outlet for the strong feelings that are caused by high anxiety.

If art therapy sounds like something you or a friend would want to try, you can learn more about it at the accompanying link.

Expressing Anxiety and Mental Illness through Art Therapy – Opposing Views

Opposing ViewsExpressing Anxiety and Mental Illness through Art TherapyOpposing ViewsArtistic skill is not required to participate in art therapy. Whether you sketch people as stick figures or awesomely as Da Vinci, mastery is not what art therapists …

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