USA Has Highest Anxiety Level in the World


It seems that Americans are now the most anxious people in the world. A study from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that more than a quarter of the US population will have a serious problem with anxiety. Anxiety is linked to many health issues, so it could be a factor in rising rates of  heart disease, obesity, and substance abuse.

It’s important to monitor stress and anxiety you feel so you can do something before they get out of control. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when all the negative feelings and worries start accumulating. Try to stop and take a rest when you need it. In the long run, it’s much better to take a short, refreshing break than to try to recover from a breakdown.

A blogger for PsychCentral recommends some simple things to remember when you feel defeated by the stress in your life.

Americans Get the Gold Medal for Anxiety – (blog)

Americans Get the Gold Medal for (blog)Learn strategies for lowering your anxiety and lessening your worries by simplifying your life and practicing serenity and gratitude. …

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