Unexpected Effects of Childbirth on Mental Health in Men


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that involves high levels of stress and recurrent flashbacks of a disturbing event. Even months after someone experiences something emotionally trying, he or she can feel the effects of PTSD. Nightmares of the event may also occur, and this constant state of stress can lead to moodiness and strained relationships.

A new study from Oxford University shows that a dangerous, life-threatening childbirth can also cause someone to develop PTSD. The study showed that, contrary to what one might assume, these kinds of childbirth may have a strong emotional impact on fathers. It turns out that fathers-to-be who witness their significant other struggle during childbirth can develop PTSD.

Years after seeing their spouse undergo a risky pregnancy, some men feel extreme anxiety and distress. One factor the researchers noticed which seemed to link the fathers with PTSD was a lack of information during the childbirth. To be more specific, these fathers were not given updates on the status of their wife or their child. This led them to feel more panicked and horrified than they may have felt if they had been reassured at the time.

The researchers hope that this new research will encourage greater focus on emotional support for fathers-to-be.

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