Understanding and Treating Social Phobia


Social phobia can be a devastating disorder, one that more often than not leads to other psychological disorders. It is important to understand it, recognize the symptoms, and accordingly consult a licensed psychologist. Following are some good sources of information.

Social Anxiety Cure | Why Mindfulness Trumps Anxiety | Social


So many methods and approach are out there. Here’s why a mindfulness based approach is better than  everything else.

Real breakthroughs in treating social anxiety disorder | Anxiety Buster


While treating social anxiety disorder, a lot of things come to the mind as to the effectiveness of the method adopted in treating social anxiety disorder at ..

New study: CBT changes dopamin D2-receptor binding in social


Cervenka, S., Hedman, E., Ikoma, Y., Radu Djurfeldt, D., Rück, C., Halldin, C., Lindefors, N. Changes in dopamine D2-receptor binding are associated to symptom reduction after psychotherapy in social anxiety disorder.

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