A Collection of Strange and Surprising Phobias


Do you fear losing your hair, being left deserted on an island, or looking into mirrors? There are several somewhat unusual and uncommon phobias out there that are hardly ever discussed. As a result, there isn’t enough information available about them, but they do exist.

Uncommon Phobias: A List of Unusual Phobias and Definitions


There are many weird phobias out there, including fear of bald men, fear of peanut butter, and fear of the moon! Discover more strange phobias and what causes them.

The Quick 10: Weird Celebrity Phobias – Mental Floss


Everyone has their weird phobias. Me, I hate clowns and people wearing costumes or masks that cover their faces (which is weird, considering how much I love Disney World). But compared to these 10 celebrity phobias, my

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