Treating Generalized Anxiety with Group Therapy


The thought of going to therapy can be scary and uncomfortable for some people. However, the benefits of getting treatment for a mental health condition can be considerable. In some cases, treatment can lead to full remission.

Getting treatment for anxiety with other people who suffer from similar problems make you feel more comfortable in your session.

Mental health professionals are beginning to recommend group therapy for treating generalized anxiety disorder.

A recent study showed group therapy to be effective in treating generalized anxiety. The positive results of the therapy were also shown to remain six months after the treatment. The therapy was especially effective for reducing depressive symptoms and worrying in the participants.

The people in the study took part in group cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or other forms of talk therapy. They were treated for nine or fourteen weeks depending on the type of therapy they were given. Not only did the researchers find group therapy to be effective for treating generalized anxiety, they also found it to be cost-effective. Group therapy is typically less costly than one-on-one therapy because multiple people are paying a portion of the session.

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