Travel Stress? This May Help You Feel Better!


While many people are taking a much-needed vacation this summer, they may find that travel is just as stressful as the job they go to on a daily basis.

Packing, paying high baggage fees, and going through all the security in airports can all be a source of stress and irritation for people. Besides all the inconveniences and annoyances, flying itself can be a nerve-wracking experience for some people.

By preparing yourself mentally before a trip, you can save yourself a lot of stress and frustration. Resolving to stay calm and getting all your documents and baggage together before you head to the airport (or get on the road) can help you to feel more controlled and positive.

Airports are also trying to reduce some of the stress people feel when traveling.

How exactly are they doing this? With man’s best friend!

Select airports are employing trained dogs to bring comfort and happiness to travelers.

Just as dogs and other pets can be used to lift the spirits of people who are ill, they can also relieve some of the stress people feel when traveling.

The dogs are allowed to spend some time with the passengers while they are waiting in the airport. The presence of the dogs seems to greatly improve mood in people, who are also allowed to pet the animals.

An article about the new program describes how the passengers actually line up to pet the dogs in some airports.

To read more about the airport pet program and how it is reducing anxiety for people, follow the link below.

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