The Link between Poverty and Anxiety


It’s natural to assume that being in a state of constant stress, such as living in poverty, can lead to poor mental health. But some people are of the extreme opinion that being diagnosed is what causes people to end up in harmful circumstances in the first place.

One writer for Examiner argues that misdiagnosis is the reason behind impoverished living for many people. He cites a study from Rutgers as ‘proof’ that anxiety is caused by circumstance rather than by a preexisting mental illness.

The researchers in the study examined stressed out mothers who live in poverty to find the main reason for their anxiety. The results indicate that the women would probably be psychologically sound if not for the strain of being a mother who struggles to support her children.

More research is needed before a more definite conclusion can be made about the relationship between poverty and high anxiety.

Study shows anxiety in poor mothers is likely due to poverty not mental illness –

PsychCentral.comStudy shows anxiety in poor mothers is likely due to poverty not mental illnessExaminer.comA new study at Rutgers University shows that anxiety in poor mothers is likely the result of poverty and not mental illness. On July 19, 2012 R …

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