The Connection between OCD and New Motherhood


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety condition which has recently begun to receive widespread attention. The disorder affects people from nearly every age group.

OCD can make you obsess and worry about unimportant little details, even when you know they shouldn’t cause you so much anxiety. People who have OCD will often be overly preoccupied by numbers, patterns and acts that are meant to relieve their anxiety. These acts, referred to as “rituals” or “compulsions,” are usually things like excessively repetitive hand-washing or counting.

A new study is showing that women who have recently given birth are at a higher risk for developing OCD.

Mothers who are affected by OCD are often afflicted with depression, difficulty breast-feeding, and high anxiety, according to a blog post on CNN’s site. The study discussed in the post found a surprisingly high rate of OCD and anxiety in new mothers. However, the results of the study also showed a fairly high rate of recovery, with many obsessive-compulsive moms seeing a relief of their symptoms by six months after childbirth.

It’s important for new moms to have a support network of friends and loved ones as they make the transition from pregnancy to new motherhood. Changing hormone levels can have a significant effect on these women and their emotional well-being, so it also helps to be prepared post-pregnancy with a light exercise routine and a healthy, balanced diet.

You can read more about anxiety, depression and OCD in new mothers at the link found below.

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