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When it comes to panic attacks, most people describe them in the same way: frightening and unpredictable. But what if there was a common tool you could use to treat them effectively? One man has done exactly that.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has become a major problem for people who have served in the military. The good news is that increased awareness has led to more research into how to help these people. Find out the latest news in PTSD treatment and prevention here.

Anxiety disorders come in many different forms. Everyone experiences some anxiety, especially in stressful situations. But can your way of life actually be causing you unnecessary grief? Find out what you may be doing that can make you feel more anxious.

Facebook and other social media sites are making headlines lately for possibly causing anxiety and depression in children and in teens. Is social networking really putting kids at a higher risk for mental health issues? We can't say for sure yet, but there are certain things your kids need to know before they use the Internet. Read what you can do to help your kids use the Web responsibly.

Social networking sites like Facebook have recently been criticized for potentially increasing depression and anxiety in young adults and teenagers. The claim about Facebook leading to depression in younger people has already been challenged, and a new study on older adults and the social networking has made the debate even more interesting. Read about the findings here!

The role of computers in our day to day lives is beyond discussion. However, when it comes to treatment of anxiety, especially in kids, their importance is unheard of. However, new research reveals that computer-aided programs can aid in full recovery.