stress management and life skills

Stress over a long period of time can cause acute mental and physical ailments, in some cases even cancer and chronic depression. Periodic research has conclusively proven that acute stress causes such severe psychological changes and irregular activity in certain genes that we run the risk of getting terminally ill.

Failing to conceive can cause irreparable damage to a woman's psychology, says a new study. Among women, who have not been able to conceive, anxiety can easily set in. Hence, immediate counselling should be offered for the lack of it can cause acute anxiety disorders.

Yoga has been practiced around the world for ages as a means to attain supreme mental and physical fitness. However, in the west, it has picked up only recently with many using it not just to attain personal health benefits but also relieve themselves of stress and anxiety.

Who knew that the volume of brain could reduce? As unbelievable as it may sound, the new facts suggest that when we stress a lot over situations or issues, some volume of our brain cells is reduced leading to other impairments.

The old school of thought said that acute stress and depression could cause cardiovascular pain or even an attack. A new study now reveals that even mild form of stress, anxiety, and depression can play havoc with your heart.

Studies and research have concluded that the natural fears associated with a natural child birth can lead to some form of PTSD and in rare cases, even full-blown PTSD. Researchers are now analyzing the data that may help them find clinical remedies to this problem.

Discovery of a gene that prevents the brain cells in times of stress to be responsible for PTSD has come as a shock to many in the field of medicine. Researchers are now investigating as to what degree does it contribute to the state of PTSD.

Green tea is perhaps the only health drink in the world to which the phrase "excess of anything is bad" does not apply. What exactly is it about its magical leaves that has such a potent effect on human health. We try to investigate.

How exactly does stress cause changes in your weight? Is there a scientific explanation behind it, or is there some external factor that leads to the weight problems? The truth is that stress affects every part of your life. The longer you allow anxiety to overwhelm you, the more your health will suffer. Learn how you can manage your stress and, by extension, manage your overall well-being.

Ever wondered what good that laughter club in your area may bring to its patrons. Guess what! Studies have proved that a good laughter or even the slightest expectation of it triggers such a positive reaction in your body that is enough to reduce detrimental stress levels in our bodies.
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