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Getting to know the symptoms and causes of anxiety and stress is the first step towards seeking help. However, it is not always easy to recognize the symptoms that manifest themselves in anxiety disorders.

Emetophobia or fear of vomit is exceedingly common but hardly ever discussed in public. This is little or no information on this complex disorder caused due to multiple factors such as intolerance to certain foods or eating disorders.

There is little information available about Paruresis which is why for those suffering from it, the problem can prove to be traumatic. As the disorder progresses, it is crucial that information is shared and made available to those needing it. The links in this post talk about what the disorder actually is and how it can be overcome.

Overcoming an anxiety order can be a challenge which not only requires a positive attitude but also a healer who motivates and inspires you to get better. This article contains links to information that will help you choose the right therapist.

Stress, anxiety and depression are psychological disorders which do not necessarily need to be treated with medication alone. Alternative healing methodologies and a positive attitude also go a long way in their treatment. More and more patients are now turning to these methods to rid themselves of anxiety disorders.

Research is taking place all over the world on how anxiety and related disorders can be cured quickly and permanently. As a result, news and new facts are revealed which can lead to patients taking advantage of them.

Positive psychology is far more than positive thinking. It is a research-based form of psychotherapy that builds on patients' strengths to attack problems such as anxiety and depression. Some observers refer to it as "the psychology of happiness."
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