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Who knew that the volume of brain could reduce? As unbelievable as it may sound, the new facts suggest that when we stress a lot over situations or issues, some volume of our brain cells is reduced leading to other impairments.

The old school of thought said that acute stress and depression could cause cardiovascular pain or even an attack. A new study now reveals that even mild form of stress, anxiety, and depression can play havoc with your heart.

Severe bouts of anxiety can play havoc with the life of a paruretic. Even worse, it can prove to be obstructive in the recovery cycle of an ailing person. Hence, it is advisable to start treating anxiety using various techniques along with paruresis so that it doesn't turn chronic.

Green tea is perhaps the only health drink in the world to which the phrase "excess of anything is bad" does not apply. What exactly is it about its magical leaves that has such a potent effect on human health. We try to investigate.

Imagine what it would be like to be afraid to speak to the people around you. It would make you feel stifled, unhappy, and extremely lonely. This is how many people feel when they have social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder. A doctor shares his experiences with social phobics and explains how these individuals see the world.

Some medical specialists support the theory that depression and anxiety can be caused by deficiencies in certain essential vitamins. These individuals encourage people to treat their mental health problems through natural means such as exercise. Learn more about the effects of physical health on mental well-being from a video provided here!

It has often been debated in medical circles that due to the complexity of anxiety disorders, whether or not it is advisable to use different combinations of treatments to cure it. Now a recent study has concluded beyond doubt that such an approach is the best way forward.

Hardening of the limbs, short breath, and inconsistent heart rate are all symptoms of a panic attack. But when such attacks occur in people suffering from COPD, the situation can become fatal. Victims of COPD have frequent panic attacks too and therefore it is important to respond to the situations quickly.

Walking is generally known to produce good health. However, walking barefoot on sand and grass has a number of therapeutic effects in addition to the ones already known. It not only exercises the foot muscles and ligaments thereby strengthening the knees and upper body but also relaxes the mind of stress and anxiety.

Just a few simple ingredients will provide provide you with enhanced relaxation as you unwind with a nice hot bath at the end of the day.
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