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With the alarming number of suicides and mass killings in the news lately, it's becoming clear that there's a lot we need to know about mental illness. Understanding why people commit suicide may help us to treat depressed people more effectively and to prevent suicidal acts in the future.

For many people with mental health illnesses, prescribed medications and various forms of therapy can work wonders. But for others, these methods may not be as effective as expected. Find out how people who may not be getting enough out of traditional treatment can benefit from trying yoga techniques.

Phobias can be extremely stressful and disruptive to one's life if they are left untreated. Fortunately, phobias are very treatable, and full recovery is possible for most people who seek out professional therapy and stick with it. Read how treatment for phobias may be enhanced.

It may shock you to find out that the number of suicides is on the rise. Unfortunately, mental health workers are not always able to recognize when someone who is troubled by mental illness is going to commit suicide. Read about new research that reveals a connection between panic attacks and suicide attempts.

Placebos are a great way for physicians and mental health researchers to observe how the mind affects overall health. People are often surprised to learn that the idea of taking medication can make them feel better. Read more about this phenomenon here.

Thanks to modern science, we are now aware of things in the brain that can indicate the presence of certain diseases. But what if there was something in the brain which would help scientists identify people who are at risk for PTSD?

Depression can be very difficult to cope with, especially when the usual methods of treatment don't seem to be working. Read about how a blogger with long-term depression was finally able to break free from her illness.

People who feel stressed, isolated and unable to get help are much more likely to consider suicide. It's important that they realize there are numerous resources available to them. Read about a new tool being used to screen for depression.

Recently there has been an increase in awareness about mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, sometimes the presence of these disorders is overlooked until it is too late. Read about how this is affecting our society.

One of the most difficult things about getting treatment for a mental health condition is that there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Different people respond to treatment in different ways, and what works wonders for one person may do absolutely nothing for another. Find out how a researcher is trying new methods to help treat PTSD.
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