panic attacks

If you are a parent with an anxiety disorder, you may wonder how your condition can affect your child. A long-term study of parents with anxiety and their children offers more information about the topic. Find out what the researchers learned here.

Dealing with panic attacks as well as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder would be a challenge for anyone, especially a teen girl who wants to socialize and have fun. One young woman who struggled to overcome her anxiety disorders decided to be proactive and make something from her fear. Read how she went about it here!

When it comes to panic attacks, most people describe them in the same way: frightening and unpredictable. But what if there was a common tool you could use to treat them effectively? One man has done exactly that.

Mental health conditions tend to run in families. But could two seemingly unrelated illnesses have a common link? Find out about it here!

Do you have questions about panic attacks but feel unsure of whom to talk to? Or do you feel confused by your symptoms and wonder if you may be experiencing panic attacks? If so, you may want to come read what a psychiatry expert has to say here.

The very first panic attack can be a frightening thing. If you're the one having the attack, you can feel like your very life is in danger. If you're watching someone have an attack, it can also be disturbing. Read what one man with panic disorder recommends.

Did you know that different groups of people may view mental health conditions in completely different ways? This can be especially true for eastern versus western cultures. How do you think they view panic disorder in, for example, Uganda? Find out here.

Most people would agree that under certain circumstances, it is totally normal to have a panic attack. Who would expect someone to stay calm when being attacked by a bear, for example. But one teacher of psychiatry does not believe panic attacks are ever normal. Read more here!

For some people, a poor diet can exacerbate panic disorder by causing a noticeable increase in the frequency of panic attacks. Certain foods and ingredients are thought to lead to higher levels of stress and therefore cause more panic attacks. Come read about a famous athlete's plan to reduce his attacks.

People who have panic attacks usually find them debilitating enough to seek treatment for them. But just what kinds of treatment actually work? Some people advocate the use of prescribed medication to correct the biological problem that can trigger panic attacks. Others swear by therapy. Read one interesting perspective here.
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