As a parent of someone with OCD, you may not know how to deal with your son or daughter's illness. This can be true even if he or she is old enough to articulate the effects of the disorder. If you want some advice on how to support your child with OCD, read this article.

It's natural for a new mom to be concerned with her baby's health and happiness, but what happens when concern turns to obsessive, anxiety-producing thoughts? Read this article to find out how OCD can change a once-healthy woman's life.
Children and teenagers can be affected with anxiety disorders just as adults can. Parents may be confused when this occurs, because the signs and symptoms may be more difficult to recognize in someone who is underage. Read this article to find out what anxiety conditions look like in kids.

According to a recent article about mental health in kids, one in four children is suffering from an anxiety disorder. How can you talk to your kids about anxiety? And is there a way to spot it before it gets too serious? Find out here.

The debate about whether video gaming will necessarily lead to unhealthy behaviors has been going on for years. Can video game violence eventually turn into real life violence by players? Are people with a mental health illness more likely to be affected by video gaming? Read what a gamer with OCD has to say about it.

OCD is a serious and all-consuming illness. Even children can find themselves caught in the unhealthy and seemingly relentless patterns that are a major part of an obsessive-compulsive's life. It seems that OCD is becoming more and more common, which has led researchers to question: What causes OCD? Read about the latest findings here.

From reading the first two parts in this series, you should have an idea of what OCD and hoarding are. Hopefully you were also able to gain an understanding of how the two health issues are different. In this final part of the series, you will find out how OCD and hoarding are treated.
In the previous part of this series, we went over what OCD and hoarding are. From reading Part 1, you should have a good idea of what both illnesses look like and who is affected by them. In this second part of the series, we will discuss a study which examines how OCD and hoarding differ.

Since the show Hoarders appeared on the air, people have become more aware of the mental illness that causes someone to compulsively collect items and refuse to get rid of them. But does everyone who hoards have OCD? Read this article to find out what researchers have discovered about OCD and hoarding.

Anyone who has suffered from OCD knows that it can make every day a struggle. The good news is that new medications, treatment methods, and Internet resources continue to be developed. An author who writes for Psychology Today discusses his personal experience with OCD and how he copes.
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