fear of driving

Driving anxiety has a noticeable effect on one's social life and ability to complete everyday tasks. For someone who has had a negative experience on the road, driving without fear can seem like an unattainable goal. However, there are certain things which can make driving less nerve-wracking. Read about some of them here.

What is exposure therapy, and how can it be used to help you? A report on a study done at Stanford shows how this particular brand of treatment helped a woman who dreaded driving over bridges. Read more to find out how exposure therapy can relieve you of your driving fear.

If you're looking to use alternative methods to treat driving phobia or driving anxiety, you may want to read this article. You'll learn all about how hypnosis is used to ease driving fear. Here you can also learn what dissociative imagery is and how it was used by a PhD to treat a patient's driving phobia.

Driving phobia and driving anxiety can make you feel helpless and inadequate. The fear often interferes with your sense of independence and makes it difficult to travel. You may feel like your fear is unusual, but driving anxiety may be more common than you think. Read what was found in a study on driving fear.

The future cars from Ford will measure your stress and driving anxiety. Sounds unbelievable but if a joint project between Ford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is successful, future cars will ensure a stress free ride for people suffering from driving anxiety.

We all travel to our workplaces either driving our cars or using public transport. In both cases, we spend an awful lot of time sitting when it could have been utilized walking, running, or performing any other physical activity. This may lead to chronic tension, stress, and anxiety.

How do phobias rule our everyday routine? We allow them to! When we let them take control of our life, it becomes very difficult. Take a cue from the resources available in this article and vow to eliminate phobias and panic attacks altogether.

Driving anxiety is just another form of fear that can lead to disastrous consequences. Several researches have concluded that hypnosis is helpful to some extent in its treatment and can lead to complete recovery when used alongside prescribed medication.

Is Driving Anxiety keeping you from being independent? Learn about how a woman with intense driving anxiety was able to overcome her fear.

Does Driving Anxiety necessarily impair your driving, or does the heightened awareness make you a more alert driver? Find out what researchers have to say about it.
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