If you've see the explosively popular movie INCEPTION, you may have considered the concept of controlling your dreams. As far-fetched as the idea may seem to some people, there have been studies on what is called 'Lucid Dreaming.' A new report shows that lucid dreaming may be useful in fighting depression. Read more about it here!

Depression has a direct relation with our food intake. That is well-known. However, new research reveals that vitamin D in particular, can boost our system and increasing its intake can help reduce depression.

Exercise is good for just about everything, right? According to one study, it may not be the cure-all we think it is.

Depression can rob you of so much in life: your joy, your relationships, your drive. If left untreated, researchers think clinical depression may harm you in a way you wouldn't expect in the long run.

"Mood disorder" is a vague term referring to various mood swings that can occur within a short time. However, it takes serious clinical examination to determine from which particular disorder a person is suffering. This information is crucial to performing the right therapy.

Persistent depression may require targeted and aggressive treatment. A new drug shown to alleviate such depression is being tested for its effectiveness on PTSD.

Having an anxiety disorder is stressful enough, but dealing with depression as well can be discouraging. A video on mental health describes the relation between the two illnesses.

Studies show that weather can have an effect on how often panic attacks occur. Find out how the seasons may be affecting you.

Suffering from Agoraphobia can be a tormenting experience and can lead a person to self-destructive social behavior. However, it can be treated completely provided you know what is causing it and what its symptoms are.

Stress, anxiety and depression are psychological disorders which do not necessarily need to be treated with medication alone. Alternative healing methodologies and a positive attitude also go a long way in their treatment. More and more patients are now turning to these methods to rid themselves of anxiety disorders.
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