How does a person with depression think as compared to a healthy person? What about someone who has social anxiety? There are some exciting findings which reveal more about the perspective of a person with depression or social phobia. Read more here.

You've probably heard the expression "Think positive!", and at times you may have found such advice to be impractical or unrealistic. Before you scoff, though, you may want to read this article. Research in psychology has shown that people with certain mental health disorders are more likely to have unhealthy thought patterns.

The holidays can be filled with fun and excitement, but for some people they are a source of stress or pain. If the holiday season is something that fills you with dread, you may be suffering from holiday-induced anxiety or depression. Come read about how to recognize holiday stress and how to handle it.

Dietary supplements are recommended for people with all kinds of ailments. But could adding certain things to your diet actually help you to feel less stressed, less anxious, or less depressed? According to a new article, the answer is yes! Read about it here.

Just about everyone seems to own a big screen TV, a smartphone, and a personal computer. Personal music players and tablet computers are also growing in popularity. But how are these new gadgets affecting our mental health? New research is shedding light on the topic.

Many people are reluctant to take medication for their depression. Antidepressants can make a major difference for someone with severe depression, but everyone has a drug which will work best for them. A new study shows that talk therapy may have a unique effect on antidepressants. Read about it here!

Who knew that the volume of brain could reduce? As unbelievable as it may sound, the new facts suggest that when we stress a lot over situations or issues, some volume of our brain cells is reduced leading to other impairments.

The old school of thought said that acute stress and depression could cause cardiovascular pain or even an attack. A new study now reveals that even mild form of stress, anxiety, and depression can play havoc with your heart.

Green tea is perhaps the only health drink in the world to which the phrase "excess of anything is bad" does not apply. What exactly is it about its magical leaves that has such a potent effect on human health. We try to investigate.

It's surprising that so many people have a serious fear of being negatively judged by others. Most people care somewhat about how others think of them, but for social phobics it can be panic-inducing. People with social phobia are always focused on how others see them, so you can imagine how they must feel anytime they have to interact with people. Come read how social phobia can affect someone's entire life.
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