Having a positive or negative outlook can affect how well a treatment works for many mental health conditions. If you assume you will never recover from anxiety or depression, you'll be much less likely to put in the effort you should. Read more about this concept here.

They say knowledge is power, and when it comes to mental health, the same holds true! Educating yourself on mental health conditions like Generalized Anxiety Disorder and depression can help you to recognize key signs and symptoms in yourself and in your loved ones. Read how some communities are using knowledge to promote good mental health.

Anxiety and depression are surprisingly common mental health illnesses that can affect anyone. Unfortunately, they are even likely to occur in people who suffer from serious physical health ailments. Read about how these individuals can benefit from creative therapy.

Seasons and weather have been shown to affect your health, your mood, your appetite and even your sleeping patterns. This isn't anything unusual, but the degree to which these things in your life are affected is something you should pay careful attention to.

Believe it or not, our way of thinking can have a tremendous effect on how we feel. People who are highly negative tend to be at a higher risk for developing depression, a very serious mental health illness. Find out what a study shows about depression, negativity, and how we influence the people around us.

Mental health conditions tend to run in families. But could two seemingly unrelated illnesses have a common link? Find out about it here!

Researchers have long suspected a link between depression and a number of physical ailments. But people with an anxiety disorder may also be at a higher risk for some physical health conditions. Read more details here.

Most people admit to feeling a little less like themselves when the weather is unpleasant, especially for a long period of time. But is there really a correlation between seasonal changes and mental illness? Find out what Google searches in wintertime show us about the topic.

Many new mothers are becoming aware of the risk of developing postpartum depression in the months after childbirth. New information is showing that postpartum depression may be indicative of other issues, as well. Find out more about mental health in expecting and new moms here.

With the alarming number of suicides and mass killings in the news lately, it's becoming clear that there's a lot we need to know about mental illness. Understanding why people commit suicide may help us to treat depressed people more effectively and to prevent suicidal acts in the future.
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