child and adolescent anxiety

Can simple changes in your daily routine positively affect your child's energy?

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy provides parents with a new option for treating their child's anxiety.

If your children are experiencing anxiety, consider taking them to an art therapist. You may be surprised by all that they can convey through their artwork!

Depression rates are on the rise and doctors at Children's Hospital University of Illinois are trying to do something about it.

Will a new government program help children who are at risk for mental illness? Children in Australia are now being screened for a range of disorders at 3 years of age.

When you think of a person with a phobia, what 's the first thing that comes to mind? A doctor who specializes in treating phobias separates truth from reality.

Did you know that even children can suffer from anxiety disorders? Experts are concerned children with anxiety may not be getting the treatment they need.

What are the advantages of using animal-assisted therapy to treat anxiety disorders? Read about them here.

A new book by child psychologist Dr. Robin Alter talks about how negative imagination can lead to anxiety attacks in kids. What are the symptoms and how can you sense them? This post talks about some of the symptoms of anxiety disorders that you should look for in kids.

As is true for many psychological disorders, social phobia is like a mental block. In order to recover from it, it is important to be guided by right information and healthy counselling.
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