child and adolescent anxiety

How does a person with depression think as compared to a healthy person? What about someone who has social anxiety? There are some exciting findings which reveal more about the perspective of a person with depression or social phobia. Read more here.

From reading the first two parts in this series, you should have an idea of what OCD and hoarding are. Hopefully you were also able to gain an understanding of how the two health issues are different. In this final part of the series, you will find out how OCD and hoarding are treated.
In the previous part of this series, we went over what OCD and hoarding are. From reading Part 1, you should have a good idea of what both illnesses look like and who is affected by them. In this second part of the series, we will discuss a study which examines how OCD and hoarding differ.

Anxiety is usually thought of as an adult problem, but it can affect children as well. It can be difficult trying to help a child cope with anxiety. What should you say? How can you make the child feel safe? If you'd like to know more about what to do for an anxious child, read this article.

Bullying can have negative effects on people of all ages, but teens are especially susceptible to long-term emotional damage. Researchers in Finland are finding out how bullying is linked to social phobia in teenagers. Read more about it in this article.

Getting yourself the right help can be confusing and overwhelming. Learn more about what your options are, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the importance of having a plan that allows you to start closer to the finish.

Learn why those with anxiety need to be careful not to "overstuff the garden." Find out what you need to know and steps to take that can help you TODAY. Part two of the five-part series "Flipping Ambition."

Many often unknowingly set themselves up for mediocrity and failure while trying to overcome their anxiety disorder. Learn what mistakes you may be making and what you can do instead that will let you reach your potential. Part three of the five-part series "Flipping Ambition.”

Learn how you may be getting "tricked" into a stress response and what you can do about it. We'll also show you how to spot what we call "pivot points" in your life and explain why they're so important, especially if you’re experiencing anxiety, fears, or phobias. Part four of the five-part series "Flipping Ambition.”

If you’re struggling with anxiety, you likely have far more potential and inner strength than you realize; you just need to learn how to take advantage of it and soar to new heights! Part five of the five-part series "Flipping Ambition.”
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