anxiety and panic attacks

Can yoga help your anxiety? Yes, it can! Learn how to start incorporating yoga into your daily routine.

Having an anxiety disorder is stressful enough, but dealing with depression as well can be discouraging. A video on mental health describes the relation between the two illnesses.

Is there a link between anxiety and compassion? Dr. James R. Doty, Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford University, believes there is.

A recent study reveals key differences between schizophrenics with and without panic disorder. With more information, better treatment methods may be uncovered.

Do you ever feel like you're the only one who struggles with panic disorder? Read about a popular celebrity's battle with panic attacks and anxiety and what he does for relief.

What are the advantages of using animal-assisted therapy to treat anxiety disorders? Read about them here.

Does a woman's brain work harder than a man's? A new study done at Michigan State University answers this question.

Discover the Amazing Role Cutting Edge Science and Technologies Such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is having in Anxiety Treatment

Studies show that weather can have an effect on how often panic attacks occur. Find out how the seasons may be affecting you.

Did you know that music can actually help you with your anxiety? Learn how you can use your favorite songs to relieve stress and anxiety in your life.
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