Surprising Effects of Internet Use on Older Adults


Recent news has caused us to question the effects of Facebook use on young adults and teens. Do social networking sites cause younger people to develop anxiety? Do these sites lead to higher rates of depression in young adults? Perhaps, but most likely not.

So many studies have focused on the effects of using social media on mental health in younger people, but few examine the effects on older adults.

Recent studies from universities around the US are now focusing on Internet use and mental health in older people. For people over the age of fifty, learning to use the Web (especially for socializing) can reduce the risk of developing a mental illness like depression. This may be because the Internet allows older people, many of whom have difficulty traveling, to communicate with their loved ones from any distance.

Follow the link to the Daily Mail to read more about how the Internet has changed the quality of life for older people.

Depression rates fall among silver surfers as research shows internet use … – Daily Mail

Daily MailDepression rates fall among silver surfers as research shows internet use …Daily MailA study, based on a survey of almost 8000 men and women aged over 50, shows that regular users of social-networking sites are almost a third less likely …

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