Success! Woman Defeats Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks


Anxiety disorders like phobias and panic disorder can have far-reaching effects on your life. The fear and stress they create can make you lose your ability to cope with everyday situations in a healthy manner. They can also lead you to lose your confidence in yourself.

Many people who are plagued with panic attacks grow afraid of branching out and trying new things or seeing new places. Some go on to dread leaving their homes at all, at which point they will likely develop agoraphobia.

This is what happened to one woman in the UK. The woman initially developed anxiety and depression after her husband was in an accident due to his job. After his accident, she grew fearful of leaving her home and eventually could not even go to work, though she had been employed at her job for twelve years. She reasoned to herself that she “felt it was safer if [she] stayed at home so that if anything happened, [her]husband and children would know where to find [her]”.

The woman experienced panic attacks that grew progressively worse. This decline in her quality of life made her very depressed, and she felt increasingly frustrated with herself.

One day she received an advertisement for adult learning courses, and she finally decided she would try to get back out there and improve herself in some way.

Very shortly after beginning the class, which taught her to use a computer, the woman began to feel more confident. She got better at using the computer and being away from home, and eventually she was able to use her newly acquired skills and confidence to do something good for her community.

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