Scientists Predict Efficacy of Anxiety Disorder Treatments


Anxiety disorders can vary in their intensity and form. OCD, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, and phobias can all have unique and troubling symptoms.

Without professional insight, you may not be able to identify which disorder you are suffering from or how you can overcome your anxiety at some point.

While many people find relief from their anxiety symptoms through conventional treatment, not everyone is able to recover after being treated with therapy or anxiety drugs and therapy.

For those rare individuals who have very persistent anxiety problems, treatment can become especially tiresome and frustrating. It can be highly disappointing to expect one treatment to provide you with relief only to find, months after you’ve started, that the treatment is not working.

Scientists may have found a way to prevent this from happening as often in the future. “Neuroimaging,” which allows clinicians to see brain activity, may be able to show us whether certain treatments will be effective for treating anxiety in different people.

This will help people suffering from anxiety disorders to find appropriate treatment sooner. They will not have to spend years trying to find relief from their anxiety. This can help them save time and money, and also to regain their peace of mind.

Future research will tell us which anxiety disorders neuroimaging can be used for and how effective it is at predicting treatment efficacy.

If you want to know more about neuroimaging and how it can be used to help people with anxiety, click on the link here:

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