School District Finds Increase in Students’ Depression


A number of studies are showing an increase in the rates of depression in teens.

With suicide as the third leading cause of death in teenagers, it is very important that adults work together to recognize the signs of depression in younger people.

In Sante Fe, New Mexico, the public school system conducts a survey every other year to measure the well-being of the students. This allows them to get an idea of how the students are doing, mentally and physically.

The most recent study found that more teenage students are struggling with feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness on a regular basis. The teens are also showing an increase in marijuana use, perhaps in an attempt to cope with the negative feelings.

You can more about the survey results at the link below.

Learning Curve: Survey cites troubling rise in teen depression – Santa Fe New

Learning Curve: Survey cites troubling rise in teen depressionSanta Fe New Mexican.comClose to 100 percent of Santa Fe Public Schools’ ninth-graders plan to graduate high school. About 95 percent of the district’s seventh-graders feel the same way. A …

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