Recognizing the Benefits of Stress on Performance


It’s important to learn how to manage your stress in a healthy way. Excess stress is known to contribute to a number of health issues ranging from heart problems to memory issues. Recently, excess stress has even been linked to a shortened lifespan.

One thing that we often forget, however, is that not all stress is bad. A certain amount of stress has actually been shown to have an enhancing effect on performance.

Researchers from Columbia and Harvard recently worked together on a study to see how your attitude toward stress can affect your response to it.

They found that when people were encouraged to view stress positively, their attitude allowed them to use their stress to their benefit. In the study in question, a positive attitude toward stress was shown to improve their work performance. The results of the study also indicate that a positive mindset about stress may be correlated with less stress-related physical ailments.

To learn more about the study as well as the positives and negatives of stress, click on the link to an article from the Yale Daily News. The article also contains some information on the effects of stress on students.

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