Psychiatrists Link Panic Attacks and Suicide in New Study


Mental health conditions can take a significant toll on your mind and on your body. The effects of disorders like depression or generalized anxiety can extend to all aspects of your life.

This reality can be overwhelming for many people who suffer from a mental health illness, who are at a higher risk for committing suicide than healthy people.

While psychologists and psychiatrists know to be on the lookout for suicidal tendencies in their depressed patients, they are just realizing how important it is to take the same care with patients who have anxiety disorders.

New research from psychiatrists in New York shows that people who have panic attacks may be at more risk for suicide than was previously assumed. Guilt, a tendency to think obsessively about negative occurrences, and a feeling of hopelessness can lead to panic and a decision to commit suicide.

Panic attacks can make people feel out of control, which makes them more inclined to behave in a rash manner. They feel unable to overcome their worry and unable to think about their situation calmly or objectively, and they see no way for things to improve. This state of mind is what can be so dangerous for people who have panic attacks.

For more information about the recent study on panic and suicide, visit the link below.

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