A Solution for Animal Lovers with an Anxiety Disorder?


People having difficulty with panic attacks may want to look into treating anxiety by spending time with nature. A young girl describes how being around a horse has helped her to overcome her formerly debilitating panic attacks. Animal-assisted therapy is non-conventional but may help to reduce anxiety.

Pony helps teenager conquer panic attacks


Pony helps teenager conquer panic attacks thanks to Stable Life projectScottish Daily RecordCRIPPLED by panic attacks and in the throes of an eating disorder, teenager Alice Scott would hide under a hat, unable to look anyone in the eye. Yet a horse …

Using Man’s Best Friend to Heal the Heart – Department of Defense


Department of DefenseUsing Man’s Best Friend to Heal the HeartDepartment of DefenseResearchers have documented the positive benefits of animal-assisted therapy. In a 2005 study, the American Heart Association found that a 12-minute visit with a thera …

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