Placebo Surprisingly Effective for Depression, Says New Study


We’ve all heard the expression “Mind over matter,” but is there any truth to it?

According to a new study on depression, this may be the case.

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a severe form of depression that can be very difficult to treat and persistent.

The symptoms of MDD are the same as those of depression, but major depressive disorder tends to be more long-lasting or recurrent. There is also a higher risk of suicide.

People who have MDD are typically more difficult to treat than people with regular depression. They are more likely to be unaffected by drug therapy (e.g., common antidepressants) and other means of treatment that are usually successful.

Another hindrance to successful treatment of MDD is the nature of the illness itself. Because people with major depression are trapped in their feelings of hopelessness and despair, they may not be emotionally capable of seeking treatment. Essentially, they may feel too depressed to get treated for their depression.

Read about the recent study on MDD at the link here:

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