Pet Phobias in Children: Can They Be Cured?


What is a phobia, exactly? It’s basically an unreasonably strong fear of something.

A phobia can be a major source of stress and can be found in children and adults alike. Many adult phobias involve illness, flying, social situations, or insects. Children share some of these phobias, but they are also very vulnerable to a fear of animals.

A pet phobias in a child can develop naturally or after a bad experience with an animal. For example, if a child pulls a dog’s tail without realizing it will upset the dog, the animal will probably respond negatively. Being snapped at, snarled at, or even bitten by an animal can be traumatic for anyone, especially a child.

This frightening experience can cause the child to fear all dogs or even all pets, in general.

Concerned parents who want their children to feel comfortable around pets do have options, though. There are many ways a therapist or even an animal behavior specialist can help a child get over his or her fear of pets.

Alicia Offringa, a pet expert, discusses some practical ways to teach a child not to fear pets.

You can watch the video in which she offers advice to parents by following the link below.

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