Peaceful Sounds and Scenes for Anxiety Relief


If soothing sounds and peaceful scenes help to relieve your anxiety, you may enjoy some of the following relaxation videos. Focusing on your breath while listening and watching will help calm your mind.

Relaxing Music Therapy – Relaxing Nature Scenes – Relaxing Music – Nature Scenes

Relaxing Music Therapy For Stress Relief is a very potent phenomenon. Sounds can soothe you, fire your imagination, bring you to the heights of ecstasy or bring you down to the depths of your soul.

Relaxing Nature Scenes – Relaxing Winter Scene

If you’re looking to de-stress before bedtime, then try the wonderful nature sounds of a Soothing Water Stream. Soothing water stream features the relaxing natural sound of a small stream of flowing water. Enjoy the calming, soothing and relaxing sound…

Relaxing Fire Place – Wood Stove

Surely this winter you have been to a home that has felt cozy, welcoming and warm with a fire burning the fireplace.

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