Panic Attacks: All Your Questions Answered


Having a panic attack can be a frightening and highly uncomfortable experience. What makes it even worse is if you’ve never had one before, because it’s easy to mistake it for a heart attack.

When you have a panic attack, you may feel faint or dizzy. Your heart may be pounding, and your hands can shake, as well. Many people who have panic attacks say they remember a feeling of disconnection from their body or a sense of “unreality” as though they were watching themselves experience the panic attack.

People who have recurring panic attacks are said to have “panic disorder.” Some people can identify things that trigger their attacks. Others notice that they have more frequent attacks if they are in a certain physical state (over-exerted, tired, etc.) or if they eat certain foods (caffeine). Unfortunately, some people with panic disorder seem to have attacks at completely random and unexpected times. This uncertainty can leave them in a constant state of fear about having another attack. The fear can become so great that leaving the house may be an extremely stressful experience.

A doctor of Mayo Clinic says that not everyone who has a panic attack has panic disorder, however. Apparently, as many as “one in four people might have a panic attack in their lifetime.” This implies that panic attacks affect all kinds of people, perhaps even healthy individuals who do not have an anxiety disorder.

If you want to learn more surprising and helpful facts about panic attacks, you can visit the link provided below. You can also watch an interesting feature on panic attacks from NBC News.

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Sonam April 18, 2013 at 3:18 pm

I can sense my panic that its going to happen..when i tried to stop it stop..once i faint at home ..when i standup quickly from bed to swich off tv.i took a long yarn…after taking that yarn i feel cold and kind of faint n i ws unconsious and black out…after min i come to sense …wat is it..and now that feeling give me panic freuently


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