Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Closer Look


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is an anxiety condition which causes you to feel an overpowering need for order and control. OCD makes you constantly worry about little details as well as negative occurrences (severe illness, natural disaster, etc.).

To temporarily relieve the anxiety and recurrent, unpleasant thoughts that accompany OCD, compulsions may be developed. These compulsions are actions which are repetitive and ritualistic. If you have OCD, you may find yourself counting to certain numbers or performing the same action a specific number of times. This usually brings a brief sense of calmness when overwhelming and frantic thoughts start to take over.

Obsessions and compulsions can be stressful to maintain, and some people find them to be embarrassing. This can lead them to try to hide their compulsive behaviors and discomfort from others. Unfortunately, it can also prevent them from seeking out help to deal with the anxiety.

Ann Craig-Cinnamon, a sufferer of OCD, writes about her lifelong experience with the illness. She discusses how it has affected her life and how she has learned to manage it. If you want to read her story and her advice, visit the link found below.


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