New App May Help Prevent PTSD


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety condition that can develop after one has an emotionally disturbing or life-threatening experience.

Because PTSD is so commonly found in people who have served in the military, the government has started to invest in research and treatment related to the disorder.

An interesting new approach to preventing PTSD makes use of the latest technology.

The Navy is currently working on creating an application for tablet users. The “app” will allow people to develop skills they need to stay calm under pressure and perform well even in highly stressful conditions. The app is set up like a game and measures changes in the player’s heart rate.

The Navy hopes the program will improve the users’ ability to respond to stressful situations in an appropriate way. The app may prove useful for reducing cases of PTSD in people who have served in the military.

To find out more about the app and how it is designed to work, you can go to the link below this article. You can also learn more about how the Navy plans to test the app and where it will be available if it proves successful at reducing poor reactions to stress.

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