Nature As A Cure for Stress


Chronic stress may be one of the most common and harmful ailments in today’s society. Why? Because when stress is left untreated, it can lead to illnesses such as heart disease, digestive problems, skin conditions, and weight gain. Constant stress can weaken the immune system and make you more prone to anxiety and depression.

According to a blogger from the Washington Post, even the weather can stress you out. Hot, humid weather and unpredictable storms are a normal part of summer in many parts of the country.

But there are ways you can take advantage of the sunny days and wet weather. One Post blogger suggests that visiting gardens in your area may help you to forget your troubles for a while. You can also try taking a soothing walk through the park. Nature can take your focus off the negative and remind you of the beauty life has to offer you.

Read more about using nature to relax at the following link.

When the weather wears you down: stress relief garden style – Washington Post (blog)

When the weather wears you down: stress relief garden styleWashington Post (blog)After a day of craziness – perhaps made worse by the recent stifling heat – gardens can really take the edge off stress levels.and moreᅠ» …

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