Natural Treatments for Easing Stress and Anxiety


If you suffer from anxiety, you know how quickly the all-consuming worry can take hold of your life and greatly impact your level of happiness. Thankfully, there are various treatment options that can be considered instead of, or in addition to, prescription medication. Some of these treatments are simple to add to your everyday routine, while others will take hard work, practice and patience before they become second-nature.

Lifestyle Changes

Meditation – Adding meditation to your daily routine (whether it be in the form of yoga, deep breathing exercises, or body relaxation techniques), is likely to ease anxiety. A meditation routine may be difficult to stick to, particularly for those with severe anxiety. Scheduling a time for meditation every day will make it easier to remember so that you can reap the benefits.

Massage – Massage helps to relieve muscle tension and induce relaxation, therefore easing anxiety. Frequent massage may prove very useful for those who carry tension in their shoulders or back. Research studies have suggested a significant reduction in anxiety for those who receive massage on a regular basis.

Exercise – Although exercising may be the last thing that a person wants to do when they are feeling anxious and/or depressed, exercise provides too many benefits to ignore. Exercising releases certain chemicals in to the brain that ease anxiety and lift spirits. Aerobic exercise, such as swimming or biking, provides the greatest benefits for those living with anxiety. Exercise improves overall health and is a valuable tool for naturally treating anxiety.

Diet Changes

Avoid StimulantsCertain foods act as stimulants and can have a negative effect on a person’s level of anxiety. Avoid coffee, soda, alcohol, caffeinated tea, and refined carbohydrates.

Water – Dehydration can increase fatigue and the buildup of toxins in your body. It is no wonder that drinking plenty of water will have a positive effect on a person’s mood!

Serotonin – Foods that naturally contain serotonin or tryptophan are important in the diet of those living with anxiety disorders as they can help calm the body and mind. Foods high in serotonin and/or tryptophan include: turkey, tofu, bananas, spinach, fish, seeds, eggs, and beans.

Wholefoods – A diet rich in wholefoods helps ensure that the body is receiving all of the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs to perform at its best. Processed foods are not good for your body when consumed frequently. Try to eat a diet high in protein, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

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