Mother Writes Books for Children with Anxiety


When your child has an anxiety disorder, routine things like going to school and sleeping over at a friend’s house become difficult for him or her. It can also be a very emotional and trying time for you as a parent.

Many parents of children with anxiety disorders feel overwhelmed when trying to deal with the condition. This is perfectly normal, so if you feel this way you are not alone.

One of the best things to do if you are in this situation is to consult a professional. A licensed mental health expert can provide you with useful information and valuable resources related to your child’s condition. He or she can also recommend counseling services or medications once your child’s individual needs have been assessed.

A mother in the United Kingdom was afflicted with anxiety from childhood to adulthood. When her daughter also began to show signs of anxiety (she had an unusually strong fear of thunderstorms), she started to come up with ways to help her child.

This led her to write and publish two books aimed toward teaching kids to deal with anxiety issues. Her books are hoped to be accessible and helpful to children who are plagued by worries or fears.

If you want to know more about the mother-turned-author and her new books, follow the link below.

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