Minimize Vacation Anxiety this Summer


Now that summer is officially here, those who are prone to anxiety may be feeling particularly overwhelmed when they think about their upcoming routine-free vacation. Although a vacation is supposed to be a time for relaxation, it can also be very stressful to prepare for and execute. Hopefully some of the following tips will help ensure that your upcoming trip is as enjoyable as possible:

Explore Your Anxiety – Spend some time reflecting and try to figure out what aspects of the upcoming vacation are causing you the most anxiety. Are you worried about finances? Food? Having too much to do? Keeping the whole family happy? Pinpointing the cause of your anxiety will make it easier to plan ahead.

Pack Ahead of Time -Packing for vacation is a stressful event. What if you forget something? Pack a few days ahead of time and, in the meantime, resign yourself to wearing clothes that you don’t care for all that much. Tape a list of items that need to be packed last-minute to the top of your packed suitcase. In the days prior, whenever you think of something you need to bring with you, go ahead and add it to either the suitcase or the list.

Plan Meals in Advance -Decide how many meals you would like to eat at a restaurant during your trip and then compile a grocery list for the rest. If you are traveling close by, bring all ingredients with you. If your vacation is more than a couple of hours away, do some research to figure out where the nearest grocery store will be. You could even plan which restaurants you will go to and when.

Bring Comfort ItemsBring along items that you have an attachment to. There is no reason that your favorite blanket, coffee cup, or relaxing CD can’t make the trip with you.

Leave Room in Your Schedule – No one likes feeling rushed while on vacation, but unfortunately it is very common. Try to plan only one or two activities per day so that you have plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Incorporate Your Routines – Do you always go for a morning run or enjoy a cup of tea before bed? There is no reason that you can’t do these things while on vacation! Make a list of your daily routines, specifically the ones that bring you comfort, and do your best to incorporate them into your vacation.


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