Job-Related Stress Linked to Heart Problems in Women


The number of women working in healthcare is on the rise, but some researchers feel there may be some negative effects on the women’s health.

It seems that women with highly stressful jobs, such as doctors and nurses, are at a much higher risk for heart problems. The taxing nature of their jobs also appears to make these women more likely to develop depression and a number of other health problems.

The participants were not found to feel undue stress because of job insecurity, but that may be because of the many career opportunities they have as healthcare workers. It’s possible that women who worry about job security in other fields may actually be at increased risk for heart problems.

You can click the link below to read more about how long-term stress affects the body.

Stressful Jobs, But Not Job Insecurity, Put Women’s Hearts At Risk – Forbes

PsychCentral.comStressful Jobs, But Not Job Insecurity, Put Women’s Hearts At RiskForbesMost people probably feel intuitively that stress is not good for the heart, but studies in the past have shown mixed results. Now, though, new research supports …

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