How to Prevent Stress from Aging You


Lately, everyone seems to be talking about the new findings on chronic stress and aging. The results of the study in question indicate that high levels of stress eventually have an effect on your chromosomes which can make you age faster. This news is hardly comforting and may even serve to heighten your anxiety.

On the bright side, some people have begun working toward finding a solution to the problem. In one study, researchers attempted to find ways to repair the effects of stress. They believe that by eliminating some stress from your life or reducing the stress you can’t get get rid of, the damage to your body will begin to repair itself.

Read more about what studies have found on reversing the effects of stress and what you can do to deal with your own anxiety.

Counteracting the aging effect of stress: is it possible? –

Canada.comCounteracting the aging effect of stress: is it possible?Boston.comCan high levels of stress really make you age faster? That seems to be the case judging by all the gray hair President Obama has sprouted. Researchers, though, have more sci …

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