How to Handle Bad Feelings without Ignoring Them


After having a bad experience like a fight with a good friend, you probably have a certain way of dealing with your negative feelings. It may be by doing something healthy such as exercising. Other times, you may try to cope by doing something unhealthy like eating fatty “comfort foods.”

One particular action that can get you in a lot of trouble is over-thinking a negative experience, especially one which you cannot change. People with depression or a generally neurotic disposition have the tendency to dwell on bad memories and worries. This has been hypothesized to increase feelings of depression.

A study from the University of Michigan shows that people feel less depressed if they use the right approach in addressing their unhappy thoughts. The idea is to consider your feelings from an unbiased outsider’s perspective as much as possible. By separating yourself temporarily from the bad emotions, you can gain a more logical and objective understanding of your situation.

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Distancing Oneself from Negative Emotions Decreases Depressive Symptoms – (blog) Distancing Oneself from Negative Emotions Decreases Depressive (blog)Depressed individuals who can view their feelings from a self-distanced approach tend to have a more positive outcome.and moreᅠ» …

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